It is a coffee that meets all the qualities of a coffee with identity, with the characteristics of body, acidity, fragrance, sweetness, durability and a comfortable feeling. See more
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A coffee aimed at clients of entrenched and traditional customs. Dedicated to families and businesses, it addresses requirements for price and quality of a demanding audience that besides looking for quality, also looks for a complete process from crop to cup. See more
Café Aborigen® - Quimbaya Tradition comes from various farms in the Quimbaya region (coffee belt of Colombia), being the result of a unique blend of excelso coffees, thus giving a coffee with pleasant, unique flavor, fragrant and aromatic.
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Café Aborigen S.A.S. is a company dedicated to the production and marketing through the Trademarks Café Aborigen® and Café DUNA TM of roasted, ground and whole bean coffee. Our clear administrative processes, added to a clean manufacture of products according to legal requirements and state of art commercial projection, with excellent benefits to the market, make us the synonym for the variety and innovation in coffee.
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